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Height:  30”- 36”

Blooms:  Mid-Late Season

5 to 6 1/2" Tangerine blooms with Rusty Red highlights, and overlapping petals.

Zones 4-9, Full sun to partial shade.

Each purchase is for 5 plants, will ship with the greenery cut back, ready to plant.  Will also ship bare-root, when dormant, for Spring planting.

Usually referred to as a "double," meaning producing flowers with double the usual number of petals, this daylily actually produces triple the usual number of petals.

Daylilies are easy to grow, very hardy, drought tolerant and remarkably free from disease.  This heirloom daylily makes big clumps to hold banks, line driveways and define edges of lawn with virtually no long term care on your part.  They will be dormant through the winter and will pop up in the Spring for your Summer blooms. 

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